Autogenic Training


We are the leading UK practice offering Autogenic Therapy (AT) and self-sufficiency training.


AT is a self-help therapy that brings about profound relaxation and relief from the effects of stress. The technique utilises the patient’s inner strength for healing and recovery. In a patient with specific challenges, AT will address each sympton in turn, beginning with whichever is the most pressing. After several sessions, brain function will be noticably improved as communication between the brain’s separate hemispheres and between the brain and the body is enhanced.


The benefits of AT include:


- therapy without the use of drugs and their associated side effects
- enhancement of progress in other therapies
- can be practiced by the patient at home and without additional help after the technique has been learned
- rapid feeling of improvement
- improvements in health and emotional balance
- improvements in coping ability
- enhanced feeling of well being
- improved quality of sleep
- reduction of anxiety levels