Our lives are a constant set of transitions and moving situations.


  • How do we manage this?
    How do we respond?
    How do we thrive?
    How do we win?

Our VP programme allows you to have LIFE DEVELOPMENT sessions designed specifically for you.


  1. We look at your physical health ( yearly medical).

  2. We look at your emotional well being.

  3. We look at your mental capacity and development.

In short we use some current Neuroscince techniques of neuroplasticity to move you forward to put you at the TOP END of your game - LIFE.


Offering a high end bespoke programme for board members and upper management personnel we help you:

Live life to the full
Maximise your inherent energy ( two speacilist techniques)
Remain calm and focused.
Know how to communicate effectively.
Understand others and use this to make life easier NOT more difficult.

You will learn: 
To be able to encore as your strategic thinking.
Develop your non verbal communication skills.
Change your negative behaviours.
Enhance your positive behaviours.
Manage all emotional, mental and physical stress positively and to your benefit.


We are your MOTIVATOR and ENHANCER in life.

Turn it into a happy and pleasurable journey, grasp each day and be Happy


Healthy executives are better equipped to deal with the daily stresses and strains placed on them by their careers and their industry allowing them to lead companies more successfully. The most powerful executives in the world are the ones that are fit and healthy.





  1.     Stress kills: high stress levels are one of the biggest killers in the world of corporates an independent risk factor for developing heart disease, strokes........


  2.     Many executives report feelings of isolation, loneliness and social exclusion and have no trusted person or safe space to discuss physical or mental health concerns.


  3.     Mental Health issues cost £15bn per annum in the UK in lost working days, if you are mentally       healthy your company will be healthy and you will have healthy staff which will increase your financial         strength.


 4.      At executive level this cost is likely magnified by poor decision making related to ill health. The         healthier you are the better you will make choices and this will have a greater impact on your                       companies financial status.



A highly respected health team in London are the first to offer a completely unique and specialised programme specially designed and developed to optimize physical and psychological well-being for you and other  successful executives. We are able to assess physical health including risk of heart disease, early warning signs and prevention of common cancers and to plan for healthier living. Uniquely, we are also able to fully assess psychological health, particularly the effects of stress, anxiety, alcohol and relationship issues and can offer effective treatments in a discrete and safe environment.