Mentoring/ Life course Development


We are your MOTIVATOR and ENHANCER in life.
 Turn it into a happy and pleasurable journey.

Grasp each day and be happy.


Throughout our life course there are stages where work, relationships and communication can become difficult. Through our use of psycological assessment Gaylin is able to help utilise all individual strengths and manage negative behavioural patterns to develop positive communication strategies and behaviours. These new positive strategies and behaviours can be used either at work, in a relationship or in socal situations. 


In the last few years Gaylin has noticed that it has become more evident that senior executives need in depth understanding of how they function in working environment. Particularly how to manage their emotional responses. In the same way young adults developing careers need support/mentoring in managing their emotional responses to work and maximising their potential to become successful.



























Our Audeamus programme allows you to have LIFE DEVELOPMENT sessions designed specifically for you.


  • We look at your physical health ( yearly medical).

  •  We look at your emotional well being.

  •  We look at your mental capacity and development.


In short we use some current Neuroscience techniques of neuro-plasticity to move you forward to put you at the TOP END of your game - LIFE.

Offering a high end bespoke programme for board members and upper management personnel we help you:


  • Live life to the full (Two speacilist techniques).

  • Maximise your inherent energy

  • Remain calm and focused.

  • Know how to communicate effectively.

  • Understand others and use this to make life easier NOT more difficult.


You will learn:

 To enhance your strategic thinking.
 Develop your non verbal communication skills.
 Change your negative behaviours.
 Enhance your positive behaviours.
 Manage all emotional, mental and physical stress positively and to your benefit.