Relationship & Sex Therapy


We run a series of services for couples and single people wishing to:



  • Improve upon their relationship skills

  • Save their relationship

  • Develop intimacy within their relationship


Weekend Couples Course


We offer weekend retreats in the UK, Spain or france in beautiful surroundings where you experience increased understanding of intimacy, how you both work as individuals and as a couple.


General Psychotherapy for Couples


For those of you who need help saving, restoring or improving your relationship we offer weekly psychotherapy sessions which will help  you to develop, recognise and understand what it is, that you both need to maintain your relationship.


Sexual and Relationship Therapy


Sexual problems including disparity of interest, arousal issues, erectile dysfunction and, difficulty with orgasm or unusual sexual behaviours are dealt with empathically. Special workshops are arranged for couples to recapture passion and intimacy in a safe and caring environment, e.g. after childbirth .


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