Gaylin Tudhope 

BA Psych; MSC LCD; Dip.AP;


Gaylin is a psychologist and psychotherapist with 32 years of professional experience in Autogenic Psychotherapy, Lifespan Development and Coherence Therapy. She offers a bespoke service using techniques developed over her professional life as a clinician, lecturer and lifelong student.


Focus is on rebalancing the autonomic nervous system and body chemistry, managing trauma via physiological and psychological techniques and achieving mental balance and well-being by working from a molecular level outwards.
 Gaylin is socio-culturally trained to help people process their issues with sensitivity to their world view.

Our lives are a constant set of transitions and moving situations.


  • How do we manage this?

  • How do we respond?

  • How do we thrive?

  • How do we win?


Our life development sessions are designed specifically for you. We look at your physical, mental and emotional well being using current neuroscience techniques of neuroplasticity to move you forward and put you the top end of your game.



  1.     Stress kills


  2.     Many executives report feelings of isolation, loneliness and social exclusion


  3.     Mental Health issues cost £15bn per annum in the UK


 4.      At executive level this cost is likely magnified by poor decision making

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