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1 – 2 – 1 Solutions has a unique and effective way of managing alcohol or drug dependence.

 Believe strongly in an individual approach where by assessing your history, you habits and your conditioning we can identify what is causing your issues and then we find an invdiual, bespoke way of helping you manage the negative behaviour.

  • Detox and maintenance through Autogenic Training (AT)

  • A brain directed therapy 

  • Rebalance the autonomic nervous system

  • Encourages relaxation and stress management through release of endorphins and balancing of Adrenaline


Memory reconsolidation, behavioural and dynamic  approachs are used to help you correct your behaviours and habits

  • Look at fundamental issues related to addictive behaviour

  • Physiological effects

  • Psychological effects

  • Life planning


Quick no nonsense approach to fit in with an active schedule 

  • Looking at detox

  • Lifestyle

  • Family history

  • Full medical


Intensive day programmeswhere needed

  • Beautiful quiet venue 

  • All the building blocks put in place

  • One to one sessions

  • Maintenance and Planning


Further year long support 

  • Support organised in town of abode

  • Use of AT in daily life

  • Regular medical check ups

  • Regular re-planning and adjustment of life plan


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