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Family Business Management

Consulting with Family Businesses to help them manage their Companies and Family Members.

Working in a Different and Modern Way

Sometimes we need a Unique and all encompassing approach. Over many years I have developed a niche market for looking after Family Business's. Here I look after families, their personal lives, and their Business management. We focus on psychological wellbeing, goals and motivation as well as individual Strategies for each member of the family business.

This is a delicate and difficult area to work with and has become a speciality of mine.

For any of the services below I could require in-depth conversations with family members with an understanding of confidentiality between me and the client. It is only then that we draw up of a contract that allows for all members to feel safe but also to understand that we seek to keep the WHOLE family and business healthy.


This is unique to each family and its given components and Needs Family Business and Family Systems.

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