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Aislinn Tudhope

Aislinn Tudhope is a mentor and guide to help you find the next step on your journey. Her role in your relationship will be to see that you are supported in your growth. Each session is custom made to what you need. She believes that creating and engaging in balancing work and personal is vital to your own health and wellbeing. Her personal experiences within the Film and TV industry has shown her the ways in which stress and anxiety have an impact on the body and has led her to find ways in which to help understand what is best for each of us. She will discover what is best for you through getting to know what your heart yearns to do and getting a clearer understanding of your family history. 

Aislinn has a personal history of working out of the norm when it comes to Identity, Sexuality and Non-monogamy. She is a sex-positive individual who has grown up in an arena where self-love and pleasure are seen as part of a healthy balanced life. Thinking out the box when it comes to the societies 'normal' is a comfortable place for her and she understands the challenges it can create. Whether you are a They/them, she or he, she will welcome you. No judgement.

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