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Gaylin uses autogenic therapy, life course perspective and memory reconsolidation as her core models for therapeutic practice. Therapy is constructed around the individual, based on their responses, personality and lifestyle. To help determine what is best suited for specific clients Gaylin also uses Psychometric testing.


Asking for help can be tough. That’s hard to accept if we’ve been taught from early in life that we need to be independent, strong and self-sufficient. Yet there are times when life can seem overwhelming. Events or life situations may leave us feeling confused, troubled, depressed and unsure of how to make things better. It might be work situations, family, school issues or a host of other common life situations. At such times most of us usually see two options.

One is to tough it out, doing what we can while ignoring the rest and hoping things turn out okay. This approach, even if we finally muddle through, can cause tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety, and sometimes leads to much bigger and more serious problems.

The second option is turning to family or friends. That’s not a bad thing if those we trust with our fears and problems truly are understanding and able to offer meaningful support and help. But sometimes family or friends are not available, or don’t have the experience or the time to provide needed assistance. That’s when it’s time to consider a third option – professional help


"It is difficult to describe my experience of therapy with Gaylin. From a debilitating place of diffuse anxiety, the feeling of being lost, and adrift with no help. To the feeling of being cared for, stabilised, given insight, supported, and helped to grow. From a life that was shut down, to one that is now like a wave running outwards to a happier shore. From living alone and loneliness, to a new, love-filled life, and a loving marriage. The American novelist Willa Cather wrote, ‘The road to happiness is bordered with sunflowers’. I would add that it really helps if you have someone to point you in the right direction. For me, Gaylin has been that someone."


"I first consulted Gaylin at a very difficult time in my life. I was convinced that I was prone to depression, my job was intensely stressful and my marriage had just broken down. Gaylin helped me to change my thinking, and it was transformational. I came to realise that many of the assumptions I'd made were damaging and unnecessary. Through Gaylin's supportive and practical guidance, I learned to recognise what was causing me to react to circumstances as I did, and that helped me to manage my reactions. I also developed ways of thinking that gave me confidence in my own instinct, and that in time made me more self-reliant. Gaylin never judged or criticised, she listened with perfect attention, and she was always able to offer clear and useful advice when I needed it. It's thanks to Gaylin that I no longer feel a need for therapy. Her strategies have stayed with me way beyond our sessions." 


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